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What you can expect from us

Internal project management

We collaborate with clients who entrust us with internal projects. For instance, when tasked with selecting a new CRM system supplier, we step in as project managers, directly engaging with our clients.


As an extension of your organization

We also serve various clients by overseeing project management for end customers. These clients often include software suppliers, such as Carerix ATS system or Oracle Netsuite ERP system providers, who have their own consultants. In these instances, we work in tandem with their consultants to manage projects that they have sold to their end customers. In this capacity, we act as project managers on behalf of the organization we are serving.


Type of projects we handle

Our expertise extends to a wide array of project types, including:

  • ERP implementations
  • CRM implementations
  • Cybersecurity projects
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Modern workplace projects
  • IT tenders
  • Project portfolio management
  • Artificial intelligence and business intelligence projects
  • Supervision of tender projects for clients
  • Secondment of project managers

MVD Management’s innovative approach


Our approach to project management combines the structured methodology of the waterfall model with the flexibility and adaptability of Agile. This hybrid model empowers project managers to harness the strengths of both methodologies, tailoring them to suit the specific requirements of each project. By integrating the rigorous planning and phase-based execution of the waterfall method with the continuous feedback and iterative nature of Agile, our teams operate with enhanced efficiency and responsiveness, capable of adapting swiftly to evolving conditions.