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we control your project

MVD Management, experts in projectmanagement


we control your project

MVD Management, experts in projectmanagement

Our primary focus:

project­ management

Global network of proficient professionals

MVD Management specializes in the realm of project management, drawing upon extensive financial expertise gained from a range of IT projects. Our team of skilled professionals serves medium to large organizations, both in the Netherlands and internationally. In addition to our in-house staff, we maintain a partner network, a flexible resource pool, which includes project managers and specialists closely affiliated with MVD Management. Together, this extensive cadre of professionals enables us to offer a wide array of services, with a primary emphasis on project management.


Our services

While project management is our forte, MVD Management extends beyond this role. We manage internal processes for our clients and can also operate on behalf of organizations, collaborating closely with internal consultants and engaging directly with their end users. Our project managers possess the versatility to oversee projects from various angles, fostering a multidisciplinary approach.


Project management

Program management

Change / transition management

IT management

Training and guidance

A hybrid project approach


Structured, Flexible, and Adaptive

At MVD Management, we employ a hybrid project approach that blends the structured methodology of the waterfall method with the adaptability and flexibility of Agile. This innovative model empowers project managers to harness the advantages of both methodologies and tailor them to suit the specific requirements of each project. By integrating the rigorous planning and phase-based execution of the waterfall approach with the continuous feedback and iterative nature of Agile, our teams operate more efficiently and respond promptly to evolving circumstances.


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