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MVD Management:
pioneers in project management 

and beyond…

About us

With over 25 years of invaluable experience in diverse IT projects, MVD Management stands as a renowned leader. Our portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum, from ERP and CRM implementations to ventures in cybersecurity, infrastructure, and artificial intelligence. Our reach extends not only within the Netherlands but also to numerous international clients. Through the synergy of our dedicated in-house experts and our expansive partner network, we possess the agility to address a multitude of domains on a global scale. In addition to our core competency in project management, we offer:

  • Program Management
  • Change/Transition Management
  • IT Management
  • Training and Guidance

Beyond these operational facets, we have formidable capabilities in business consultancy.

Marc van Dijk, director MVD Management BV

‘I am proud of our team of experienced project managers with whom we prove that long-term customer relationships are only possible through a focus on quality and knowledge. Continuous improvement and collaboration is the power of a successful team.’